Would You Believe This!?

Thanks to Susan Kehoe over at A Deacon’s Wife, I learned of an argument pro-abortion advocates are using in the state of Iowa.

There is a late-term abortionist across the border in Nebraska who wants to open shop in Iowa. The state is fighting it with proposed legislation. The pro-abortion argument is that the legislature is being hypocritical because on one hand they are trying to create a business friendly state where jobs are created and taxes paid, but on the other hand they are trying to keep a business out of state, a business (abortion clinic) that would employ skilled people who pay taxes.

They are saying there should be a late-term abortion clinic because it is good business and brings in taxes.

Would you believe that?

The killing of unborn children is being described as good business for the state of Iowa.

I am not kidding, nor is Mrs. Kehoe. Read it for yourselves in the Des Moines Register.

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