To My Astonishment….

I posted a couple of days ago about legislation that is working itself through the Iowa legislature in an attempt to keep a late-term abortionist from setting up shop in the state, and how a writer in Des Moines was saying essentially that the abortion clinic should be allowed because it was good business, would create jobs and bring in tax dollars.

Today, I read in the Minneapolis Star Tribune that the Minnesota Legislature has passed legislation that would offer increased restrictions on abortions after 20 weeks gestation. The opposition made the comment that the legislature shouldn’t be wasting time on this issue and should focus on the budget.

It is simply astonishing that one makes the argument that economic concerns are more important than issue of human life and death. It is of great concern to me that more and more people are swayed over into this way of thinking. Not only do we see it played out in the examples described above, but it is clearly permeating medical facilities and health care.

Human life is being cheapened. Devalued. Expendable.

Unless, of course, you are young, strong, beautiful (in the eyes of the world) and have lots of money.

Haven’t we learned any lessons from history?

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