Marriage? Dead or Alive?

I couldn’t help but both chuckle and shudder when I read Fox News’ report that Cameron Diaz has declared traditional marriage a “dying institution.” According to Fox News’ reporting of what was a Maxim interview with Diaz, she said, “I think we have to make our own rules” referring to the structure of marriage.

I have no doubt that people are trying to rewrite the “rules” of marriage. I see it every day in my psychotherapy practice. The new “rules” simply don’t work though. I also have no doubt that the traditional “rules” of marriage do work if embraced. I have also seen that over and over again in this medical center.

What astounds me is that few people in the popular press want to give any attention to that reality, i.e., traditional marriage (faithful, exclusive, monogamous, fruitful, until death, between a man and a woman) is the only marital arrangement that does work.

Perhaps you will point out relationships between two persons that endure, yet they never marry. I strongly suspect that those examples that you may surface all have the qualities mentioned above.

Marriage is under attack, yes. Alive? You betcha!┬áThe media and certain groups of people are┬ájust trying to sideline it to insignificance in the public’s eye.

Marriage is alive, and when lived, it is very well.

The problem, I think, is that marriage is not support adequately by our legal, economic and social systems.

You can read Fox News’ report at: Fox News.

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