Dying For The Faith

Fides, an agency of the Congregation for the Evangelization of the People in the Vatican published the names of pastoral care workers, priests, religious and lay Catholics killed during 2010.

During 2010, 25 pastoral care workers were killed: one bishop, 17 priests, two religious, two seminarians and three lay people.

In South America, 12 priests, one religious, one seminarian and three lay people were killed: six in Brazil, four in Colombia, two in Mexico, two in Peru and one each in Venezuela, Haiti, and Ecuador.

In Asia one bishop, four priests, one religious died. These deaths occured in Iraq, China, India and Turkey.

In Africa, one priest and one seminarian were killed, both in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Their names are:

Fr. Jose Luis Parra Puerto, Mexico

Fr. Dejair Goncalves de Almeida, Brazil

Epaminondas Marques da Silva, Brazil

Luis Enrique Pineda, Colombia

Fr. Romain de Jesus Zapata, Colombia

Fr. Esteban Robert Wood, Venezuela

Fr. Peter Bombacha, India

Fr. Carlos Gonzalez, Colombia

Fr. Rubens Almeida Goncalves, Brazil

Bishop Luigi Padovese, Turkey

Mario Dayvit Pinheiro Reis, Brazil

Fr. Joseph Zhang Shulai, China

Sister Maria Wei Yanhui, China

Fr. Carlos Salvador Wotto, Mexico

Fr. Herminio Calero Alumia, Colombia

Fr. Linan Ruiz Morales, Peru

Ananias Aguila, Peru

Julien Kenord, Haiti

Fr. Josenir M. Santana, Brazil

Fr. Wasim Sabieh, Iraq

Fr. Thaier Saad Abdal, Iraq

Fr. Christian Bakulene, Congo

Fr. Bernardo Muniz Rabelo Amaral, Brazil

Nicolas Eklou Komla, Congo

Fr. Miroslaw Karczewski, Ecuador

To read the entire report, including a biographical description of each of these persons, go to:  www.fides.org/aree/news/newsdet.php?idnews=28074&lan=eng

Once there click on the pdf link at the bottom of the page.

God bless them and all those who live risking their lives for the Gospel.

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