Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen’s Case Advances

Yesterday, Pope Benedict received the positio outlining Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen’s cause for canonization. A positio is a very large collection of documents collected by the diocese of Peoria, Illinois that outline his life and will be used to examine his life in detail.

Archbishop Sheen was born in 1895 in Illinois and ordained a priest for the diocese of Peoria in 1919.

The positio will be filed formally with the Congregation for the Cause of Saints who, if they accept the document, will begin examining an alleged healing attributed to Sheen.  The healing in question is of a 72 year old Illinois woman who recovered from complications following lung surgery.

If by chance you are  unaware of Archbishop Sheen, he was a tremendous preacher and evangelist who was able to harness the television screen to preach the Gospel. His television program was extremely popular with both Catholics and non-Catholics alike. His message was always compelling and faithful to the teachings of the Church.

Archbishop Sheen died in 1979.

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