Quote for the Day – Fr. Fabian

“As long as we’re on this side of eternity, it’s a matter of imperfect human beings, in an imperfect sort of way, with imperfect instruments, striving for perfection.” — Fr. Andrew C. Fabian, OP

(Father Fabian was my philosophy professor at St. Mary’s College from 1973-1977. A truly remarkable man. He is still teaching there well into his 80s. God bless him richly for the innumerable ways he has enriched hundreds of students since 1964. I will write a lengthier post about him at a later date.)

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  1. merle hanson says:

    I can still hear laughter coming from the dorm rooms and classes. It is as if I moved back in time thirty some years. Those images trapped in my head brought me back to where I started. I still smell Father Taylors cigar and I wonder if Tom Etten is still asking questions in that other world. It is good to be back in the land of Redmen.
    I sense time changing as I see Otis working his way down the hall as I realize it is the other side of noon and well, those TKE brothers, preferred a different twelve. Memories transcend time, my hair is no longer gray, my knees no longer ache and blood pressure medications are a long ways off yet but for today being at the place where a young man started becoming a man is about as good as it gets.
    You could taste history here, with the brothers and bluffs and that car up the hill where toboggans flew. History repeats itself no matter how we try and polish and make something that had nothing wrong with it different. Maybe that’s just how time passes as substance is replaced by image. Brother Frank smiled and then as now you had to smile back.
    Here big city met townie and for many they were joined by music and those life stories that make us learn. We became brothers and sisters and oh those toga parties led us through those times of our lives. At a small liberal arts college tucked away in a small corner of a state in a town that had seemingly seen better days we found friendship that is alive today. Our light was never quite as bright as then but today is pretty good.
    Some of us have probably left before our time and some thought some of us had entered a world we could not turn back from, but that soul that bonded is with us today. And while Redmen are now Cardinals and the office of Dr. Conroy is somebody different you can still sense the dedicated spirit of committed teachers. Father Fabian still lives and not just in the halls but in the hearts and minds of many of us. For that we are blessed and just want to say thanks.

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