Moral Relativism and Spread of Satanism

I read with interest this morning a newsreport of the Catholic News Agency on moral relativism and the rise of Satanism.

Carlo Climati, the press director of the Regina Apostolorum Pontifical University in Rome told the Catholic News Agency (CNA) that Satanism “destroys those universal values that are written in the hearts of each human being” and creates “a society that is turned on its head, in which good becomes evil and evil becomes good.”

He went on to suggest that young people are often “victims of terrible loneliness, the lack of communication and difficult family situations” and they find the occult to be an “easy and quick fix for their problems” and mistake it for a game and nothing about which to be afraid.

In my own clinical experience, there is no doubt that there is a rise in Satanism, occultism and paganism in our society. It used to be something that people would be “hush-hush” about, but now they openly speak of it as a “religious” preference. Invariably, those who embrace Satanism are unhappy and find themselve wondering why people in their families and friendship circle die tragically, or why they are struck by unexpected problems and misshaps. Yes, everyone one of us experiences those things once in a while (because of the influence of sin and evil), but it is my experience that patients who are Satanists inexplicably suffer more of this than others.

Many think the occult is simple and fun recreation. It is in fact anything but that. It is complicated and distressing.

One cannot be happy if one is oriented toward evil, even if one thinks those ends are not evil. All of human history is a witness to this.

This must give rise in our minds to the question, “Where am I going? To what am I oriented in my day to day decision-making, whether it is about how I spend my money, spend my time, where I work, what music I listen to and movies I watch or about who I worship.

Thou shall not have false gods before me. That includes Satanism and the occult.

To read the entire newreport, go to Moral relativism paves way for Satanism, says expert.

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