April 20 – World Day of Prayer for Asia Bibi

Tomorrow, Wednesday of Holy Week, all the world is asked to pray for Asia Bibi, a Christian Pakastani woman who has been condemned to death in Pakistan for blasphemy, and for all the victims of that country’s contested anti-blasphemy law. This day of prayer is the initiative of the Masihi Foundation which is dedicated to offering legal assistance to Asia Bibi and material help to her family. It is hope that people everywhere will unite themselves in prayer and light a candle, imploring God to save and free this woman and all those who suffer from false accusations of blasphemy.

Asia Bibi is a Christian mother condemned under Pakistan’s strict blasphemy law. She has been fasting during Lent for peace and justice, as have her husband and children. She has been in an isolation cell for two months.

A Christian man, Qamar David, was serving a life sentence for blasphemy in Karachi and was found dead in jail. His death was attributed to a heart attack, but many suspect he was killed by extremists.

On March 2, Shahbaz Bhatti, Pakistan’s federal minister for religious minorities was murdered. He was the only Christian in the Pakistani Cabinet. Al-Qaida and the Punjab-based Pakistani Taliban Movement claimed responsibility for his killing.

Bibi will have spent two years in jail this coming June. Extremist groups have offered $5,000 to anyone who assassinates her. Her husband and children have also been declared targets.

Let us pray for Bibi and all who suffer unjustly for their Christian faith. Tomorrow, speak of her to your friends and neighbors, and pray for her at the Mass you attend or in your personal pray

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Thank you.

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