Congrats Archbishop Sartain!!

I just learned that Bishop J. Peter Sartain, currently bishop of Joliet in Illinois, has been appointed archbishop of Seattle, Washington.  Congratulations, Archbishop Peter!

The new archbishop and I were students together at the Gregorian University and at the North American College in Rome back in the seventies.  He was a great friend who never forgets a face or a name.  After nearly 25 years, he remembered me by sight down in Little Rock several years ago, and subsequently several times since.  He is a quality human being and a good pastoral man.  Seattle is lucky.

Peter was noted in the seventies also for his guitar playing.  I most remember for some reason his playing “Mister Bojangles” in the college lounge to the delight of many of my comrades. His draw is his joy and his smile.   He reminds me of Papa Luciani in that way…..

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