We Are the Amazement of God

Papa Luciani, in his book Illustrissimi, writes to Charles PĆ©guy, a French writer and a fervent Catholic who died in the first World War. He was also the author of many religious poems, and was noted for accenting Christian witness and hope.

Papa Luciani writes the following about God’s thoughts:

“Men’s faith does not amaze me — God says — that is not surprising: I shine so in my creation that, not to see me, these poor people would have to be blind. Men’s charity does not amaze me — God says — it is not surprising: these poor creatures are so unhappy that if they do not have hearts of stone, they cannot but feel love for one another. But hope: that is what amazes me!” – Pope John Paul I, Illustrissimi, pg. 24.

Without hope we become Judas and not Peter. Without hope we become people of darkness, sour disposition, complaint and clutching rather than people of joy, peace, enthusiasm, direction and light. Without hope we succumb to violence rather than forgiveness, criticism rather than encouragement, possessiveness rather than benevolence.

Hope is the way of Abraham. It is the way of the martyrs. It is the way of the Church.

In hope, we are the “amazement of God”.

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