A Deacon for Two Months

It has been almost two months since ordination. What is remarkable is not so much anything new I have done or will do in the near future; rather it is the change that has seemed to occur in me.

I should have anticipated this. Even in my aspirancy interview the committee alluded to it, and the retreat directors, my spiritual director and my bishop all spoke of it during formation.

With ordination comes a change of character and a change of relationships. What I now continue to do as I have in the past, both professionally and privately, is done with a consciousness of service in Jesus’ name, as deacon. 

What I am finding is that at least for now, my focus in ministry is relationship formation. Perhaps I should say “re-formation.” My relationship with my pastor, my fellow deacon in the parish, the parishioners, my colleagues at the clinic, and my relationships with family all are carried to a different plane, it would seem.

God is present. He changes those he touches. The Spirit is at work.

I am so amazed that I have been sent forth as an ordained man, a deacon, to proclaim the Gospel in every place and at every time!

About Deacon Bob

Moderator: Deacon Bob Yerhot of the Diocese of Winona-Rochester, Minnesota.
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