More Baptismal Catechesis

St. Cyril of Jerusalem speaks more on the catechesis of baptism today.

“Having become members of Christ, it is not incorrect for you to be called ‘christs’, that is ‘consecrated’, because God has said of you, ‘Do not touch my consecrated ones’ (Psalm 104,15)

“You became consecrated when you received the sign of the Holy Spirit….(Christ), baptized in the Jordan River, after having communicated to the waters a fragrance of his divinity, came forth from the waters and upon him descended the consubstantial Holy Spirit: an equal imposes upon an equal.

“You also, after you were immersed in the sacred waters, were given the chrism, which is the figure of he who anointed the Christ, that is the Holy Spirit…Christ was not anointed by men with oil or some oily material, but the Father anointed him with the Holy Spirit establishing him as savior of the whole world…” — Catech. 21, Mistagogica 3; PG 33)

These ancient catechisms are wonderful to read.  Here  St. Cyril speaks of the intricate connection between baptism and confirmation (chrismation in the Eastern Churches) a connection we try to teach to catechumens and candidates in RCIA and in our faith formation programs, but a connection generally lost to most modernly catechized Catholics today.

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