A Bit of Marital Wisdom

Men happily married for more than 10 years seem to come to a mutual conclusion:  

“We need to quit trying to understand our wives!”

Now, before I get a backlash from the politically correct among you, let me explain.  Not trying to understand does not imply stop listening, communicating or mastering the art of compromise.  What I am getting at here is our attempts to understand, i.e., “figure them out”, as noble as that may be and necessary at times, always runs the risk of being perceived as criticism or analyzing.

What we need to work on is continually appreciating and enjoying our wives.  

It seems, doesn’t it guys, that if we can do that, we approach our wives with a sense of awe and mystery. It really is consistent with our understanding of Christian sacramental marriage also.  In our wives we are to see Christ, whom we serve.  If any of you can honestly say you really “understand” Christ in his humanity and divinity, body and soul, raise your hand!  Instead, we learn to approach Christ with a deep sense of mystery, appreciation for who he is as he reveals himself, and enjoy his presence among us. 

My two cents worth…. any thoughts from you?

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  1. John says:

    Best advice ever.

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