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I was reading last night a short history of the Hispanic experience in the American Catholic Church.  One thing struck me.  The Hispanic way of being Catholic is very different that the Euro-American way of being Catholic.  Hispanic Catholicism took root in medieval Spain, before the Council of Trent, whereas the Euro-American Catholic experience formed via the effects of Trent.  The author of the article commented that Hispanic Catholicism, then, is a popular faith passed on my grandmothers and moms, is deeply rooted and communicated orally within the family, is convincing but not necessarily rational and emphasizes miracles, healing, the transcendent and a personal relationship with God.  This is in contrast to the Euro-American experience which emphasized Liturgy, sacrament, rational expression, a patriarchical system, and religious commitment measured by regular reception of the Sacraments.   As the number of Hispanic Catholics increase here locally, and nationally, perhaps we need to keep this in mind as we minister to and accept them into our parishes.

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