FOCA, the Death Penalty, and War

The Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) is back in play it would seem, thanks to Obama’s win and the pro-choice advantage in the Congress.  If there is one issue that gets me boiling, it is this.  I simply refuse to support anyone with my vote who advocates directly or indirectly the taking of innocent unborn life.  I could not face Jesus at the moment of death and justify such support for any reason, given present circumstances.

I find it equally unconscienable to support the death penalty in this day and age, and I am getting awfully close to thinking the same way about war in contemporary society.  Christians must have been pacifists in the early years.  When we became “legal” and more and more of us citizens in the Roman Empire, it seems we justified war in order to prove ourselves worthy citizens.  Isn’t  that the same reason we continue to support wars today?

At any rate, proposed laws such as FOCA demand our strongest efforts to defeat.  God help us in doing so….

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