Homily for Thursday, 12th Week in Ordinary Time, Year II

We hear at Mass today a repeated reminder that we are to honor the name of God and keep it holy. In the opening prayer, we prayed, “May we always reverence your Holy Name, O God!” In our responsorial, we prayed, “For the glory of your name O Lord….” And in the Gospel, we are told by Jesus to reverence God’s Name, for not all who call out “Lord, Lord!” enter the kingdom of Heaven.

It is a reminder to us all, and a question we need ask ourselves, “Do I reverence God’s holy Name?”

Yes, not everyone who stands up  and raises his arms and calls out “Lord, Lord!” will enter God’s kingdom. Not everyone who calls out in God’s name will be recognized by the Lord  on the last day. Why? Because there are many who use God’s name with a closed heart. There are many of us who may call out God’s name to impress others, or to make a show, or to accomplish “great things” so that others may know them. This use of God’s name is not reverent.

What does it mean to revere the name of God? It means, at least in part, that each time we speak the Lord’s name, we do so with an open heart. An open heart. If we dare to pronounce God’s name, then we must do so with a heart that is open to his presence. When we call out to him we are inviting him to enter into our lives. If we invite him, he must find the door open, not closed. We must never shut the door on loved ones. Why would we  do so with God?

Yes, call on the Lord, never cease doing so, but do it with an open heart. If you do, he will come and enter your life, and you will be changed. Then, on the last day, Jesus will say something different to you than he said to the others in the Gospel today. He will say to you, “Yes, I know you! Come to me.”

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Moderator: Deacon Bob Yerhot of the Diocese of Winona, Minnesota.
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