Our Youth, the Bearers of Hope!

The Holy Father recently spoke of youth and hope in his Angelus address. He said, in part, (my translation of the Italian original):

In the present world economic and social crisis, I wish for a new year marked concretely by justice and peace, a year that brings relief to those who suffer, and especially that our youth with their enthusiasm and their idealistic effort, may offer a new hope to the world.

Yes, a new hope for the world.

Cardinal Di Nardo in his homily yesterday at the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, during the Mass initiating today’s Pro-life march in Washington, D.C., essentially made the same point at the beginning of his comments.

Our youth carry with them a renewed hope and commitment that portends well for our Church.

Hope shown is hope given. Faith shown is faith given. Love shown is love given.

Those we call our young are filled with that hope, that faith, that love.  Let us look and see what they offer. Let us thank God for their gifts.

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