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I can find none of the ordaining bishops listed in the article on www.asianews.it as being bishops recognized by the Catholic Church on www.catholic-hierarchy.org

That would seem to call question to the veracity of the report¬†that ¬†Fr. Anthony Xu Jiwei’s episcopal ordination was recognized by the Holy See.

Sorry for all this confusion!

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  1. Charles Bransom says:

    You will not find information on any of the mainland Chinese bishops approved by the Holy See on http://www.catholic-hierarchy.org The webmaster does not include them. If you check the Annuario Pontificio, you will not find any of the Vatican-approved bishops listed there either.

    None the less, all of the bishops listed in the http://www.asianews.it article are approved by the Holy See. Please see today’s VIS and FIDES dispatches which provide substantially the same account as given on the http://www.asianews.it website. The vast majority of the government-approved bishops in China are in communion with the Holy See.

    Both http://www.asianews.it and http://www.ucanews.com regularly report on the ordinations of bishops in China. Both agencies accurately report the status of Chinese bishops, both the ordinands and the ordaining prelates. If you look at the reporting on the previous four episcopal ordinations in China this year, you will see that they were accurately reported and in each instance, FIDES carried a report on the ordination within a few days after each ordination.

    Here are the urls for today’s FIDES report:

    for the report on the ordination of the Bishop of Sanyuan:

    for the report on the ordination of the Bishop of Xiamen:

    for the report on the Bishop of Haimen:

    and for the report on the Bishop of Hohhot:

    I hope that this will reassure you that the AsiaNews report is accurate.

  2. Deacon Bob says:

    Thank you for this information!

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