Reflection on today’s QOTD

We deacons would do well to heed Deacon Sean’s words in the quote for the day. Challenging words, aren’t they, especially when we are weary from whatever and the last thing we may want is another person presenting themselves.

Sometimes, perhaps, we get caught up with preoccupations about what our ministry should be.  “What is your ministry, deacon?”  we often hear.

In all reality, we deacons are to make our primary ministry our families and our careers. We are to lead to Jesus our coworkers in the office, the patients and clients who seek us out, the customers we serve, and the society in which we live. The person in front of us most often must be our wives. Realizing that our primary ministry is to our wives and our children brings to fruition Pope John Paul II’s words of admonition to deacons during the Year for Deacons back in 2000, when he told us that being a deacon is full time. All that we do, we do as deacons. All that we do, if we are married, we do as married men. Both are vocations that completely permeate our entire lives.

Marriage and Holy Orders are both sacraments of service for the sake of others. They are not given to us to make us holier than someone else. We are called to be married and to Orders so others may be brought to Christ and be saved.

Think about it: How many times has your wife led you to Jesus? More than we would like to admit at first glance. Are you a deacon to her? How have you become a better husband since receiving the grace of Holy Orders?

Serve her as you would serve the Church, brothers.

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Moderator: Deacon Bob Yerhot of the Diocese of Winona, Minnesota.
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