President Obama OKs Federal Aid for Abortion Providers

As expected, President Obama signed an executive order late today, almost secretly with as little fanfare as possible, that reversed the Mexico City policy.  In doing so, he cleared the way for the federal government to provide aid to programs that promote or provide abortions overseas, largely in third world countries, many of which do not want abortion.  I believe this will exploit women in developing countries for political ends.  The terrible injustice done to the unborn will be obvious.

As my readers are aware from my previous posts, it saddens and angers me terribly to see this happen.  

I ask my many brothers and sisters of the Catholic faith who voted for Obama,”How do you justify having been even remotely supportive of this?  What harm have these women and unborn children done to you, that even tacit indirect support of this violation of their dignity would warrant?”

May God help us all…and let us pray for these women and children.

Let us pray, too, for President Obama’s conversion of heart.

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