Inauguration or Canonization?

A friend of mine put the question to me and others yesterday, when talking about Tuesday’s festivities in honor of our new president and vice-president: 

“Was it an inauguration or a canonization?”

Good question.  For the sake of the country and President Obama, I hope we know the difference.

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One Response to Inauguration or Canonization?

  1. Mary says:

    I believe the inauguration is a time for the American people in our country to come together. We can volunteer to paint run down buildings in our neighborhoods, to open community gatherings for young and old people alike who are feeling isolated and alone, and to use our creative and innovative talents in for our spare time for struggling businesses so they can hire and rehire employees. We need to come together in unity, regardless of who we voted for.
    The inauguration is more than just a day. It is the beginning of a movement of the American people to rebuild and rework our country with each person doing her or his part. Each one of us has talents we can contribute. And we need to believe that we are important in the country to do the work and that we own a little piece of the solution right in our backyard.
    We can send our problem out to the American people like crowd sourcing, and with our collective intelligence, we will respond with successful solutions.
    I believe God will bless these solutions and make them abundant.

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